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Estimator Application

With this free program you can create estimations for constructions, print an estimation and a proposal
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25 January 2015

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This is a tool for cost estimation for construction projects.

With this free program you can create estimations for constructions, print an estimation and a proposal. Construction projects can be estimated quite easily and quickly. It reduces time and effort by reusing concepts that have been used successfully previously. This free application has some very useful features such as a default library of costs of various things you need for a project. A special library of costs for items peculiar to a type of construction project is also used. The tool will allow you to copy cost details from a previous estimate, as also the ability to copy specifications details from a previous estimation are very useful. You can import or export estimates and cost type libraries from Excel sheets, etc. Printing out estimates and a formatted estimate are additional useful features.

The documents created are in PDF format. The application can be installed in a removable device and the data of your projects can be carried in it. You can thus carry the estimator wherever you go. The program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Window 7. The tool is available for UNIX and Linux platforms also and is available on request. This is a Java program. The program folder and the databases must be located together. This need not be the program folder. The interface is simple and quite intuitive. It should be really simple to get started for people in the construction business. This is a very good product and very useful when you need to get estimations done often.

Publisher's description

Main goal of this program is to make quickly estimations of contracts with little as possible time and effort through the reuse of concepts that you have previously thought of.
Characteristics of the application:
- default cost type & group library;
- project cost type & group library;
- copying of substantiations from different estimations;
- copying of contract specifications from different estimations;
- export to and import from estimations and cost type libraries from and to excel;
- print an estimation;
- print a proposal;
- it is portable;
- it is free.
Estimator Application
Estimator Application
Version 1.99.24
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